About the Journal

Latin American Archives of Animal Production is the official publication of the Latin American Animal Production Association.

The publication is prepared by an editorial body, led by an Editor-in-Chief, an assistant editor, a Managing editor, associate editors, two technical editors.

Latin American Archives of Animal Production publishes original articles in the area of ​​animal production, pastures and forages, non-ruminant nutrition, ruminant nutrition, animal genetics and improvement, animal physiology and reproduction, animal health, technology of livestock products, economics and development rural and zootechnical education. Guest articles on topics of interest and technical notes are also published. Papers presented at biennial meetings are published as a supplement.

Latin American Archives of Animal Production announces a more agile publication process starting in 2023
The journal Latin American Archives of Animal Production will continuously publish online the latest version of the accepted articles. This means that each issue will remain open or "in progress" during the corresponding publication period. After each number is completed, it will be published in its entirety. This change in procedure will expedite the publication process, since the article now has a DOI number, and can be duly cited after acceptance.

Guidelines of reviewing 

Previously, the Editorial Board will make a pre-selection based on the relevance and pertinence of the topic and on compliance with the rules for collaborators. If the work does not meet these minimum requirements, the Editorial Board will notify the author. Otherwise, it will be evaluated according to the following standards:

The works sent to the Articles section will be evaluated by external referees.

The arbitrators must have the appropriate qualifications in the subject area in question and a data bank will be managed, established after consultations in universities and research centers.

The identity of the authors will not be communicated to the referees, nor their identity to the authors.

The opinion of each referee will be based on the quality of the content and the form of the article. In it, it must explicitly pronounce on the following aspects:

Relevance and relevance of the topic

Foundations of ideas


Appropriate and updated bibliography


Correct presentation of charts and graphs

Adequacy of the title to the content of the work

The referee's opinion should recommend only one of the following options:

Publication without modifications

Publication with minor modifications

Publication with major modifications

The article is not published

When major or minor modifications are recommended, they should be clearly explained.

The arbitrators must submit their opinion within a maximum period of three weeks from the date of receipt of the article, which will be formally recorded.