Category Index

  • Apiculture

    Research on bees is published, including conservation of bees, natural history of bees and species of bees.

  • Aquaculture

    It publishes articles on applied or basic research relevant to freshwater, brackish water and marine aquaculture.

  • Animal Production
  • Animal Products and Technology

    Development of science, technology and system of production, involving raising management and processing of livestock products and by-products to yield primary product.

  • Non Ruminant Nutrition

    Publishes research on pigs, poultry, rabbits, and other emerging animals with improved potential and technologies that support non-ruminant value chains

  • Ruminant Nutrition

    Articles on the effects of feeding on metabolism, production and the environment, also includes the effects of animal management on these factors, under grazing conditions and feeding strategies based on forages and by-products.

  • Forage and Grassland

    Publish original research articles on management, plant breeding and genetics, agronomy, plant protection, physiology and technology for the production and processing of forage crops.

  • Genetics

    Studies of genetic variability, mapping of genes, traits and QTL, associations between genes and traits, genetic diversity and characterization of gene expression and control are received.

  • Reproduction and Physiology

    Publishes results of studies related to reproduction and fertility in animals; fundamental and applied research, including management practices

  • Economy and Rural Development

    Publish research results on agricultural economics, rural management and development, rural sociology, and rural education.

  • Animal Health and Welfare

    Applied research on effective and economical management practices, and diagnostic and treatment tools, that reduce costs and losses associated with animal health and production-limiting diseases in primary production sectors.

  • Small Ruminants
  • Zootechnical education

    Animal scientists are active in the field of agricultural and veterinary science; the job market for graduates in animal science offers excellent rewarding opportunities, however, in the near future, the potential for jobs and research in animal science will be affected by a growing activism against animal production.