Diurnal ingestion behavior of crossbred heifers in a sylvanpastoral system in a tropical region

  • Lusimar L. G. Galindo da Silva UFRRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Alexander Silva Alexander Silva de Resende Embrapa Agrobiologia, Seropedica-RJ, Brasil
  • Paulo Francisco Dias Estação Experimental Pesagro-RJ, BR 465, km 07, 23890-000, Seropedica-RJ, Brasil
  • Sebastião Manhães Souto Estação Experimental Pesagro - Seropedica-RJ, Brasil
  • Bruno Campbell de Azevedo UFRRJ, Seropedica-RJ,
  • Marcia de Souza Vieira Universidade Federal de Rio Grande do Sul
  • Aline Alves Colombari UFRRJ, Seropedica-RJ
  • Anatoly Queiroz Abreu Torres UFRRJ, Seropedica-RJ
  • Patricia Morais da Matta UFRRJ, Seropedica-RJ, Brasil
  • Thaisi Bertoldi Perin UNOESC, Xanxerê-SC,
  • E. Francia Carneiro Campello Embrapa Agrobiologia, Seropédica-RJ


Knowledge of the ingestive habits of animals enables better adjustment of their management, resulting in enhanced production. The objective of this research was to compare the effects of two pastoral systems (sylvanpastoral and monocultural) in Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu forage, two seasons of the year (rainy summer and dry winter), and two diurnal periods (morning and afternoon). Five parameters of diurnal behavior were observed (grazing, standing rumination, decumbent rumination, standing at rest, and decumbent rest) in ¾ Holstein-Zebu heifers. The results showed that grazing and rumination and rest while standing were more frequent during the dry season; grazing of the Marandu grass was more frequently observed under the sylvanpastoral system compared to the monoculture pasture without shade, whereas the opposite was true of rumination and rest while standing; finally standing and decumbent rumination were more frequent in the afternoon than in the morning. The sylvanpastoral system and the dry season promoted more frequent grazing and also better quality of the grass forage, while improving the thermal comfort of the animals, which are positive effects from the standpoint of livestock production and pasture sustainability.


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Lusimar L. G. Galindo da Silva, UFRRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Ciência de Solo/UFRRJ, Seropédica-RJ
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da Silva, Lusimar L. G. Galindo, Alexander Silva Alexander Silva de Resende, Paulo Francisco Dias, Sebastião Manhães Souto, Bruno Campbell de Azevedo, Marcia de Souza Vieira, Aline Alves Colombari, Anatoly Queiroz Abreu Torres, Patricia Morais da Matta, Thaisi Bertoldi Perin, and E. Francia Carneiro Campello. 2012. “Diurnal Ingestion Behavior of Crossbred Heifers in a Sylvanpastoral System in a Tropical Region”. Archivos Latinoamericanos De Producción Animal 21 (1). https://ojs.alpa.uy/index.php/ojs_files/article/view/634.
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