Deterministic and stochastic models to embryo transfer programs in bovine

  • Luis Gustavo Barioni EMBRAPA Cerrados, Brasil
  • Renato Travassos Beltrame Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense - UENF
  • Celia Raquel Quirino Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense - UENF
  • Danieli Rankel Fernandes Centro Universitário Vila Velha - UVV


The aim of this study was to evaluate deterministic and stochastic models to get decision support to embryo transfer programs in bovine. The number of recipient that minimize cost per pregnancy was carried out through sensibility analysis in a mathematical model. The number of embryos collected was accounted for by a Monte-Carlo simulation. The embryos variability and economic costs related to recipient maintenance at the system were evaluated. It was compared results from stochastical models to deterministic equations. Results showed that simulation in embryo transfer is particular important when exists high variability in number of embryos collected, few number of donors and low recipient maintenance costs.


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Barioni, Luis Gustavo, Renato Travassos Beltrame, Celia Raquel Quirino, and Danieli Rankel Fernandes. 2010. “Deterministic and Stochastic Models to Embryo Transfer Programs in Bovine”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 15 (3).
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