Effects of different levels of phosphorus intake on the digestion rates and ruminal metabolism in buffaloes fed with chopped sugarcane

  • Nedilse Helena de Souza
  • Raul Franzolin Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil.
  • Weber Vilas Bôas Soares APTA


The effects of different levels of daily phosphorus intake on the nutrients digestibility and ruminal metabolism were evaluated in four mature buffaloes fitted with rumen cannula. The animals were designed in Latin Square experiment (4x4) with four increasing levels of phosphorus intake (8, 12, 15 e 18 grams/animal/day) fed fresh chopped sugarcane basis (87%). Nutrient digestibility was measured using the maker technique and rumen sampling for pH, ammonia and turnover rate. No differences were observed among the treatments in the ruminal pH, ammonia concentration, ruminal volume, fluid and solid passage rates as well as digestibility of dry matter, neutral detergent fiber, crude protein and crude energy and dry matter intake. The ingestion of 15 grams of phosphorus/day showed higher absolute values than others levels of phosphorus. In conclusion, levels of daily phosphorus intake from 8 to 18g/animal have no influence on the studied nutrients digestibility and rumen parameters in buffaloes fed with low quality diets of sugarcane in high level. But there is an evidence of best results with 15 grams of daily phosphorus intake.


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Author Biographies

Nedilse Helena de Souza
Zootecnista Doutora em Zootecnia pela Faculdade de Zootecnia e Engenharia de Alimentos da Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil
Raul Franzolin, Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil.
Prof. Titular da Faculdade de Zootecnia e Engenharia de Alimentos da Universidade de São Paulo; Pesquisador do CNPq, Brasil
Weber Vilas Bôas Soares, APTA
Zootecnista Doutor em Zootecnia pela FZEA/USP, Brasil
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Souza, Nedilse Helena de, Raul Franzolin, and Weber Vilas Bôas Soares. 1. “Effects of Different Levels of Phosphorus Intake on the Digestion Rates and Ruminal Metabolism in Buffaloes Fed With Chopped Sugarcane”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 15 (2). https://ojs.alpa.uy/index.php/ojs_files/article/view/512.
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