Selectivity, nutritive value and resistance to the psyllid insect of Leucaena leucocephala accessions

  • Freddy Espinoza INIA, Ceniap, Venezuela
  • Y. Díaz INIA, Ceniap, Venezuela
  • Fanny Requena INIA, Ceniap, Venezuela
  • Cesar Augusto Araque INIA,Venezuela
  • E. Perdomo INIA, Ceniap, Venezuela
  • L. León


With the objective of evaluating five accessions of shrub type Leucaena leucocephala, CIAT 7984, 9438, 9443, 17467, and 17492, these were established at the Orupe Farm in Cojedes state. The site is located at 9º 42' N and 68º 26' O at an altitude of 143 m. The plants were transplanted to the field at 4 mo of age in double rows spaced at 50 x 50 cm, with 2 m separation between accessions and blocks, at a density of 16 000 plants/ha. A uniformity cutting at 50 cm height was done 5 mo after transplanting. Only the 26 central plants of each plot were harvested for evaluation. The variables measured were: dry matter yield, chemical composition, bovine selectivity and resistance to the psyllid insect (Heteropsyla cubana). Statistical analysis was by ANOV and Tuckey Test. The general mean of DM yield per cutting was 1039 kg/ha and the accesions did no differ (P>.05). Condensed tannin content varied (P<.01) between accessions and ranged from 3.2 to 6.4%. There were also differences (P<.05) in contents of protein, phosphorous, and acid detergent fiber, for which overall means were 26.4, 0.22 and 31.7%, respectively, but not (P>.05) in neutral detergent fiber (41.9%). Reaction to the psyllid insect varied between accessions and was least in CIAT 17467. However, the psyllid population changed between evaluation dates and was less at the end of the experiment, which was associated with the presence of beneficial insects. The animals consumed more of accessions CIAT 9438 and CIAT 17467, in spite of their higher tannin contents. These accesions are recommended for further evaluation.


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Espinoza, Freddy, Y. Díaz, Fanny Requena, Cesar Augusto Araque, E. Perdomo, and L. León. 2005. “Selectivity, Nutritive Value and Resistance to the Psyllid Insect of Leucaena Leucocephala Accessions”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 11 (3).
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