Influence of the monossodium glutamate production residue (Amiferm) in ruminal parameters and intake of bovine fed with corn silage

  • Fernanda Macitelli UNESP/Jaboticabal, Brasil
  • Telma Teresinha Berchielli UNESP/Jaboticabal, Brasil
  • Pedro de Andrade UNESP/Jaboticabal, Brasil
  • Roselene Nunes da Silveira UNESP/Jaboticabal, Brasil


Nine adult steers were submitted to nine treatments in each of three experimental periods: three were dosified daily via rumen cánula with 50 (T1), 100 (T2), and 150 g (T3); of urea and five others received doses of Amiferm, corresponding to the nitrogen supplied by urea, of 240 (T4), 480 (T5), and 720 mL (T6). The highest Amiferm dose was given three different ways, i.e. ruminally in one dose (same as T6) or in two equal daily doses (T7), and as a single dose eaten together with maize silage (T8); and finally, there was a control without NPN (T9). The rumen ammonia concentration of animals receiving NPN was significantly higher (P<.05) than that of the control, and it increased (P<.05) with increasing dosage. Differences (P<.05) between the two NPN sources were observed only at 1 and 2 hours post-feeding. Rumen pH varied (P<.05) when the ammonia concentration was at its peak and was more acid in the animals that received Amiferm and more alkaline in those receiving urea. NPN supplementation did not alter ruminal dry matter degradation, but it enhanced effective degradation of neutral detergent fiber. Significant differences in DM intake were not observed among the animals fed urea, mean daily intake being 1.68% of liveweight. Intake by animals fed Amiferm decreased with increasing dose level (1.74, 1.36, and 1.19% LW, respectively). However, when the highest dose was given twice a day or when it was ingested with silage, intake was less affected (1.22 and 12.54% LW, respectively). It is concluded that Amiferm can be used to substitute for urea as a source of NPN in bovine feeding.


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Macitelli, Fernanda, Telma Teresinha Berchielli, Pedro de Andrade, and Roselene Nunes da Silveira. 2005. “Influence of the Monossodium Glutamate Production Residue (Amiferm) in Ruminal Parameters and Intake of Bovine Fed With Corn Silage”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 11 (2).
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