GM 21. Early chromosomal diagnosis and reproductive management as tool to enhance production in bovines

  • Oscar Vera Universidad Central de Venezuela, Maracay, Venezuela
  • Pedro Bastidas Universidad Central de Venezuela, Maracay
  • Gladys Muñoz Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela


Reproductive efficiency is relevant in terms of meat and milk production. It is well known that chromosomal abnormalities could affect fertility. However, it has been described that 1/29 Robertsonian translocation doesnt disturb the fertility and seminal quality of the bull, and in previous studies we have demonstrated an incidence of 16.6 % and 26.7 % of carriers bulls. With the purpose to demonstrate if the reproductive management erradicate the chromosomal abnormalities, 96 bulls were evaluated from 3 centers, having an excellent control and selection of the bulls. The reproductive efficiency of these bulls had been between 90 %, 87 % and 86 %. In these conditions none of the animals revealed presence of chromosomal abnormalities, which demonstrated that early chromosomal diagnosis is the first alternative to erradicate chromosomal abnormalities, but the reproductive management and a strict selection of the bull could be also effective in a long term. It is convenient to use both tools in order to improve the animal production.


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Vera, Oscar, Pedro Bastidas, and Gladys Muñoz. 2005. “GM 21. Early Chromosomal Diagnosis and Reproductive Management As Tool to Enhance Production in Bovines”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 5 (3).