Risk factors that influence the frequency of bovine brucellosis in herds of Azuay, Ecuador

Keywords: Brucellosis, zoonosis, endemic, prevalence


Bovine brucellosis (BB) is a highly transmissible and zoonotic infectious disease (Paucar et al., 2021). In Ecuador, risk factors such as the location of livestock, sanitary, nutritional and reproductive management keep the disease active and endemic with a prevalence of 17% (Carbonero et al., 2017). This disease has a significant economic impact, with annual losses in the country estimated at 5.5 million (Rodríguez et al., 2015). Despite its importance, in Ecuador there is little or no information on the factors that contribute to the presence and spread of BB. Due to the above, the irrigation factors that influence the presentation of the BB, in cattle farms of the province of Azuay, Ecuador, were analyzed.


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