Productive behavior of chickens in heat stress fed with a probiotic-added diet

Keywords: broilers, productive behavior, probiotics


The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of chickens raised under heat stress (HS) conditions and fed a diet supplemented with a probiotic. There were 270 1-day old chicks randomly assigned to one of these treatments: 1 and 2) housed under thermoneutral conditions and fed a standard diet without (TNE) or with a Lactobacillus – based probiotic (TNP); 3 and 4) housed under HS and fed a standard diet without (HSE) or with probiotic (HSP). The probiotic supplementation improved body weight, daily weight gain and feed conversion of HS chicks (P<0.05) but it had no effect in TN chicks (P>0.05).


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