Clinoptilolite supplementation in the basal diet reduces the somatic cells of multiparous dairy cows during the transition period

Keywords: mastitis, nutraceutical, udder health


Herd health, milk production, and fertility are three critical determinants of dairy herd profitability. The somatic cell count (SCC) is an indicator of the health of the mammary gland and elevated values ​​are indicative of subclinical mastitis. Any change in environmental conditions, poor management practices, and stressful conditions are risk factors for high SCR. The transition period (PT) in dairy cows initiates rapid and multifaceted physiological, nutritional, hormonal, metabolic and immunological changes that trigger a state of metabolic stress and consequently oxidative stress. Several investigations highlight the efficacy of nutraceuticals in reducing the adverse effects of PT. Clinoptilolite (CLP), is a natural zeolite, aluminosilicate of volcanic origin, widely studied in human and veterinary medicine, and is considered within the essential group of nutraceuticals due to its wide range of properties: antioxidant, immunomodulator, powerful cation exchanger, and regulator of the ruminal ecosystem. CLP supplementation in the basal diet of dairy cows decreased the somatic cell count (Ural, 2014), and the number of bacteria causing mastitis, as well as the risk of intramammary infection compared to the control group. In Ecuador, there are no studies that have reported the effect of CLP on SCC in dairy cows managed in a pasture-based system. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of dietary CLP supplementation on SCC during the early postpartum period of grazing multiparous dairy cows.


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