Reflections on postgraduate training, and the consistency between training processes and objectives

Keywords: teaching, training, research, tutorials


In different countries, postgraduate training has evolved from focusing on training processes, to being a
requirement for both advisors and students. The pressure from evaluating, accrediting and financing bodies
focuses on quantitative results, downplaying the importance of evaluating the results of training, which should be the axis of any postgraduate program. The article proposes to rediscuss and redefine which are the processes that lead to better training according to the objectives that arise in postgraduate training and focus them on the training needs of each student. For this, it is necessary to place a very strong emphasis on the evaluation processes of those in charge of student training, and redesign training strategies that are adjusted, adequate and focused on the training processes of each student, and not on the requirements. bureaucratic. For this reason, some reflections are proposed on the objectives to be achieved with postgraduate training, both from the institutions and postgraduate programs as well as from the institutions that set evaluation criteria for postgraduate programs


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Ungerfeld, Rodolfo. 2022. “Reflections on Postgraduate Training, and the Consistency Between Training Processes and Objectives”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 30 (3), 149-53.