FR 32. In vitro heterologous fertilization of buffalo oocytes

  • Pedro Bastidas Universidad Central de Venezuela, Maracay
  • Adriana Fernandez Universidad Central de Venezuela, Maracay
  • Juan Troconiz Universidad Central de Venezuela, Maracay


This study was designed to evaluate both a homologous and heterologous system utilizing frozen semen Bos taurus, Bos indicus y Bos bubalis. Bovine and buffaloes ovaries were obtained from a slaughterhouse and transported to the laboratory in saline solution. A total of 120 bovine and 30 buffalo oocytes were collected from follicles of different sizes. They were cultured in a 35 mm petri dish containing TCM-199 for 24 h. There was a significant (P<.05) effect of type of oocyte on fertilization rate. There were more cow oocytes fertilized between 24 and 48 h (68 %) than buffalo oocytes (47%). However, there were not significant effects (P>.05) due to type of semen. In conclusion, this study indicates that it is feasible to incorporate the bovine oocyte system as a laboratory tool to evaluate the fertility potential of semen from Bos indicus, Bos taurus and Bos bubalis breeds.


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Bastidas, Pedro, Adriana Fernandez, and Juan Troconiz. 2005. “FR 32. In Vitro Heterologous Fertilization of Buffalo Oocytes”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 5 (3).