FR 31. ELISA vs RIA techniques comparation in the plasmatic progesterone determination in Bovines

  • Noris Roa INIA, Ceniap, Venezuela
  • Tiburcio Linares Universidad Central de Venezuela, Maracay
  • Morella de Rolo INIA, Ceniap, Venezuela
  • Rita Tamasaukas UNERG, San Juan de los Morros, Venezuela


Plasma progesterone (P4) concentrations using ELISA kit and RIA kit were examined in 56 samples of bovine heifers. The intra- and inter-assay coefficients of variation were 5.77 %, 6.50 % and 5.85, 8.50 % respectively, based on two plasma samples. There was a significant correlation between ELISA and RIA results based on 56 plasma samples (r=0.933; P<.05). Simple linear regression, two samples t test and one way analysis of variance indicated that there were not significant differences between ELISA and RIA. Serum P4 concentrations examined in non-pregnant heifers were normal changes of P4 levels observed during all the estrous cycles. Comparison of The ELISA system with the RIA system gave a regression linear ELISA = 2.7001 + 1.2431X (r2=0.89). Total time needed for the ELISA assay was approximately 1½ h. It was concluded that ELISA kit was available for measuring P4 concentrations in bovine heifers. In general, ELISA also offers the advantages of less expensive detector instrumentation, longer shelf-life of reagents and more simplified assay protocols, which can potentially lead to greater automation, than RIA.


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Roa, Noris, Tiburcio Linares, Morella de Rolo, and Rita Tamasaukas. 2005. “FR 31. ELISA Vs RIA Techniques Comparation in the Plasmatic Progesterone Determination in Bovines”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 5 (3).