FR 23. Effect of uterine and ovarian massage on postpartum first oestrus and open days in creole limonero cows

  • Adirmo Rafael Hernandez Fernandez UNESUR, Venezuela
  • Nidia J. Rojas La Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela


On an Experimental Station of FONAIAP- Zulia an experiment was conducted to determine the effect of uterine and ovarian massage on first oestrus postpartum and open days. Fifteen first-calf heifers and fifteen multiparous cows were randomly alloted to two treatments (T1: one massage between 21 and 35 postpartum days, T2: one massage once weekly between 20 postpartum days to until first estrous ). Parturition-first oestrus (PFE), open days (OD), first service fertility (FSF), pregnancy rate (PR) and frecuency of anoestrus at 100 days (FA) were the variables studied. As discrete variables, the effect of massage, number of parturition (NP, primiparous, multiparous), sex of calf (SC). Covariable included were weight of the calf, age at parturition and acumulated milk production at 90 days. Data was analyzed with the anova-covariance model by least square method using SAS. The treatment did not significantly influence the variables the PFE was 58.18 ± 23.89 and 52.11 ± 26.05 days, OD 77.40 ± 24.55 and 75.25 ± 46.73 days for treatment 1 and 2 respectively, FSF was 46.66 %, PR 66.66 % and FA 33.33 % for the treatment 1, the treatment 2 were 33.33, 46.66 and 50.00 % for FSF, PR, FA. The NP and SC did not significantly affect the PFE. The SC did not significantly affect the OD. The primiparous cows showed the minor (P<.05) DV with respect the multiparous. The treatment did not influenced the variables studied.


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Hernandez Fernandez, Adirmo Rafael, and Nidia J. Rojas. 2005. “FR 23. Effect of Uterine and Ovarian Massage on Postpartum First Oestrus and Open Days in Creole Limonero Cows”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 5 (3).