Prediction of dry matter intake and average daily gain of the LRNS (1.0.33) and NRC (2000) nutritional models in confined bulls in Paraguay


This work was carried out between August and December 2018, with the objective of contrasting the predictions of dry matter intake (DMI) and average daily gain (ADG) of the LRNS (1.0.33) and NRC (2000) nutritional models in bulls finished in confinement from the perspective of precision and accuracy in relation to the observed data. For this, performance data of 61 Brangus bulls and 55 Brahman bulls with initial live weights of 383.20±10.39 kg and 348.45±18.54 kg and average ages of 21±3 months for both breeds were used. The animals were weighed at the beginning and at the end of confinement with a previous fast of 14 hours. They were fed during confinement with a totally mixed ration (TMR) ad libitum formulated with a forage-concentrate ratio of 40:60. The observed DMI in kg was established from the reading of trays, collection and weighing of excess feed per pen during the confinement period that was then taken to an average per individual, while the observed ADG was determined from the difference of the initial weight and the final weight of the animals, divided by the days of confinement. A Simple Regression Analysis was performed between observed and predicted values. Both models predicted the DMI with precision and accuracy for the Brangus breed, however they underestimated by 3.08% (NRC 2000) and 6.16% (LRNS 1.0.33) in the Brahman breed. Regarding ADG, the LRNS (1.0.33) predicted with precision and accuracy for both races, while the NRC (2000) underestimated by 11.68% (Brangus) and 8.57% (Brahman). The NRC (2000) turned out to be a better estimator of the DMI, while the LRNS (1.0.33) was it for the ADG in bulls of both breeds (Brangus and Brahman) confined in climatic conditions of Paraguay.


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