Reproductive characterization of the Criollo-Neuquino goat breed

  • Marcela Cueto INTA-EEA-Bariloche
  • María Rosa Lanari INTA
  • Paula Silvestre INTA
  • Maria Macarena Bruno-Galarraga INTA
  • Jimena Fernández INTA
  • Alejandro Gibbons INTA
Keywords: Creole goat, reproductive seasonality, puberty, male effect, follicular dynamics


The Criollo-Neuquina goat breed inhabits the province of Neuquén (Argentina) and constitutes the way of life of 1,600 breeders from northern Neuquén, due to its high reproductive efficiency and productive potential. In this work, the reproductive characterization of this breed is presented, addressing the study of seasonal variation of the reproductive activity in adult females and males, the initiation of sexual activity in female and male kids, the male effect, and pre-ovulatory follicular dynamics. These investigations constitute one of the most exhaustive reproductive characterizations of a caprine breed. The reproductive cycle was shown to be markedly seasonal, with mating in autumn and kidding in spring. Females have a fertile estrus period of 5 months, between April and August; with higher ovulation rates at the beginning of the season than at the end (1.7 vs 1.0 ovulations / goat). The work confirms the response to the male effect, with an estrus concentration higher than 80 % between 8 to 11 days after introduction of the males. In this way, the usual practice of isolating males in the “castronerías” outside the reproductive season is validated, due to matings are synchronized naturally during the reproductive season. The sexual activity of the males is seasonal, presenting the highest activity between March and June. Males and females are precocious in their development, being fertile from their first autumn of life, as long as they reach an adequate body development. The pre-ovulatory follicular dynamics presents some of the reproductive strategies described in prolific sheep breeds. Advances in the knowledge of the reproductive physiology of a breed in a certain region constitute studies of reference for establishing different management strategies and improve its productive efficiency. This knowledge allows implementing a rational use of reproductive techniques to be used in conservation, dissemination or genetic improvement programs.


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