Nutritional strategies to improve reproductive performance in beef cows

  • Raquel Perez Clariget Universidad de la República
  • Mariana Carriquiry Universidad de la República
  • Pablo Soca Universidad de la Republica


Latin America has approximately 25% of the world population of cattle (Scherf, 1997) and countries with an exporting emphasis coexist, Brazil, the world's leading exporter, Argentina, 4th, Uruguay, 7th, among others, and importers. However, in all of them, the production of bovine meat is an important item of the livestock sector and the breeding is carried out mainly in pastoral systems without subsidies. The region shares low reproductive efficiency, manifested by the low production of weaned calves, and the main problems identified as responsible for this situation: the advanced age at first calving and the long postpartum anestrus of our herds or herds. Uruguay is not the exception, historical records indicate that the national average of the percentage of weaning has been maintained in the last 20 years at around 63% with the cows of the first calf presenting the lowest percentages of pregnancy and weaning (DI. CO. SE). The fluctuations between years would mainly reflect the influence of the climate on forage and energy production, the main limiting nutrient in the breeding process. Therefore, one of the priorities of the Uruguayan breeding system, like that of most Latin American countries, is the improvement of the weaning percentage with low-cost alternatives and easy application. Any option to achieve this objective must bear in mind that beef farming in Uruguay is part of the export sector, therefore these practices must be compatible with the production of meat with the designation of origin and friendly to the environment.


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Author Biographies

Raquel Perez Clariget, Universidad de la República
Facultad de Agronomía, Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Mariana Carriquiry, Universidad de la República
Ingeniera Agrónoma - Facultad de Agronomía, Universidad de la República, Uruguay, 1994. Doctor of Philosophy - University of Minnesota, Estados Unidos, 2006.
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Perez Clariget, Raquel, Mariana Carriquiry, and Pablo Soca. 1. “Nutritional Strategies to Improve Reproductive Performance in Beef Cows”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 15 (5).