Environmental factors and sexual development of rams and goats

  • Rodolfo Ungerfeld Universidad de la República
Keywords: Nutrition, Pheromones, Seasonality, Sexual behavior, Socio-sexual stimuli, dominance


Although frequently the development period of rams and goats that will be used as breeders are not considered as productive periods, this period can have important consequences on their future reproductive performance. The birth season, the nutrition received during the fetal life and after birth, the bond with their mother, considering that it is a highly selective species, the social environment (presence or absence of females), and the individual social status of each male can have important consequences in the reproductive development. In addition, in some the consequences are also observed during adult life. In general, greater effects are observed in sexual behavior than in the production of semen. However, the available information is still partial to know the potential impacts of these factors on the reproductive performance of rams and goats.


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Author Biography

Rodolfo Ungerfeld, Universidad de la República
Ph. D. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences , Suecia


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