Chemical characteristics and in situ digestibility of maize stover silage with addition of animal excreta

  • Francisco Ramirez Colegio de Posgraduados
  • Sergio S. Gonzalez Muñoz Colegio de Posgraduados
  • Ricardo Barcena G Colegio de Posgraduados
Keywords: silo, corn stubble, pig droppings, poultry excreta, molasses, urea


In two experiments, the chemical characteristics of ensiled mixtures of corn stovers with either swine SE) or poultry (PE) excreta, with additions of molasses, urea and water to equilibrate moisture and nutrient content, were evaluated. In both experiments, treatments considered were (dry matter basis): T1, 60.0% corn stover, 2L5% molasses, 2.5% urea and 10% of either SE or PB; T2, 50.0% corn stover, 28.3% molasses, 1.7% urea and 20% of either SE or PB; and T3, 40.0% corn stover, 29.0% molasses, 1.0% urea and 30.0% of either SE or PE. After a 30 day fermentation period, the level of animal excreta, either SE or PB, did not affect (P>0.05) the total crude protein content of the silages. However, there were significant treatment differences (P<0.05) in non-protein nitrogen content, within both SE and PE, probably due to the different amounts of urea added. Cell wall contents, as well as its components, was reduced (P<0.05) at the lower levels of corn stover and higher levels of molasses and animal waste inclusions, except for hemicellulose in silages with swine excreta. In situ dry matter digestibility was greater than 70% in all cases, but there were no significant differences (P> .05) due to treatments in both experiments. Final silage pH of ah mixtures (4.5 to 5.0) were considered as adequate.


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Sergio S. Gonzalez Muñoz, Colegio de Posgraduados
Licenciatura, University of Texas A & M Maestría. Elfazepam effect on feed intake, digestibility and efficiency, and on body weight gain of sheep. University of Nebraska. Doctorado. The effect of nutritional and hormonal factors on compensatory growth. University of Nebraska.
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Ramirez, Francisco, Sergio S. Gonzalez Muñoz, and Ricardo Barcena G. 1993. “Chemical Characteristics and in Situ Digestibility of Maize Stover Silage With Addition of Animal Excreta”. Archivos Latinoamericanos De Producción Animal 1 (2), 203-10.
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