Metabolites in the cervical mucus of dual purpose cows in natural and induced estrus

  • Juan Carlos Martínez Gonzalez Universidad Autónoma de Tamulipas
  • Pedro Azuara-Bautista Instituto Tecnológico de Huejutla
  • Froylán Andrés Lucero-Magaña Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas
  • Sonia Patricia Castillo-Rodríguez Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas
  • Arnoldo González-Reyna Universidad Autónoma de Tamulipas


The objective was to quantify cholesterol, sorbitol, and total protein concentrations in cervical mucus obtained from Swiss x Zebu crossbreed cows (n = 40), in order to associate the same with reproductive capability. Two experimental treatment groups were formed to observe natural (n = 20) and Synchro-Mate B® induced estrus (n = 20). Cervical mucus samples were collected during estrous cycle stages of proestrus, estrus, metaestrus, and diestrus and the cholesterol, sorbitol, and total protein concentrations were quantified by enzymatic reactions and spectrophotometry. All experimental cows underwent artificial insemination and pregnancy diagnosis by rectal palpation. Additionally, the effects of body condition and the estrous cycle stages on cervical mucus chemical composition were studied. The experimental design was completely randomized. Treatment, body condition, and estrous cycle stage all modified the cervical mucus metabolites concentrations (P<0.01). The cholesterol and total protein concentrations as well as changes therein were different during estrus and diestrus (P<0.01). The cows having cholesterol concentrations less than 20 mg.dl-1 at estrus and higher than 50 mg.dl-1 at diestrus, as well as protein values less than 2.5 g.dl-1 at estrus, and higher than 3 g.dl-1 at diestrus; showed higher gestation percentage (P<0.05). In conclusion, the chemical composition of cervical mucus is a useful tool to detect females of high reproductive capability.


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Juan Carlos Martínez Gonzalez, Universidad Autónoma de Tamulipas
Profesor de Carrera Tiempo Completo
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Martínez Gonzalez, Juan Carlos, Pedro Azuara-Bautista, Froylán Andrés Lucero-Magaña, Sonia Patricia Castillo-Rodríguez, and Arnoldo González-Reyna. 2014. “Metabolites in the Cervical Mucus of Dual Purpose Cows in Natural and Induced Estrus”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 23 (1-2).
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