FR 09. Postpuberal comparative evaluation of 5/8 Bos taurus crossbreed young bulls. 2. Reproductive performance

  • Jose A. Aranguren-Mendez La Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela
  • Ninoska Madrid-Bury La Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela
  • Carlos Gonzalez-Stagnaro La Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela
  • William Isea-Villasmil La Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela


Sixteen crossbred young bulls at the age of 24 mo were evaluated for reproductive traits in a commercial herd and under dry tropical forest conditions. The farm belongs to The University of Zulia in western Venezuela with an annual mean temperature of 28 ºC and 1200 mm of rainfall. 8 (5/8 Holsteins) as well as 8 (5/8 Brown Swiss) bulls were grazed on Panicum maximum pastures. Season was grouped according to rainfall as to dry season (less than 100 mm), subhumid (100 to 500 mm) and humid season (over 500 mm). Data of scrotal circumference, sperm concentration, individual motility and % abnormals were analized by model which included fixed effects of genotype (G), season (S) and the single interaction (GxS). Results did not indicate significant differences (P>.05) for reproductive traits between genotypes, by suggesting an acceptable adaptability to tropical conditions for both 5/8 Bos taurus bulls. S influenced (P<.01) individual motility and humid (72 %) and subhumid (68 %) significantly differed from dry (52 %) season. Values of reproductive traits found in this report reflect both a genetic potential and a great adaptability of these bulls within the crossbreeding plans for dual purpose herds in the tropics.


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Aranguren-Mendez, Jose A., Ninoska Madrid-Bury, Carlos Gonzalez-Stagnaro, and William Isea-Villasmil. 2005. “FR 09. Postpuberal Comparative Evaluation of 5/8 Bos Taurus Crossbreed Young Bulls. 2. Reproductive Performance”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 5 (3).