Clinical evaluation of the puerperium of primiparous Nelore cows

  • Danila Fernanda Rodrigues Frias Embrapa Geneplus
  • Diego Rodrigues Pereira Universidade Estadual de Goiás
  • Hélio Muniz Simon Universidade Camilo Castelo Branco
  • Dora Inés Kozusny-Andreani Universidade Camilo Castelo Branco


It’s important to know the normal uterus involution process and identify early any pathological condition to facilitate a timely reconception. Therefore, this work aimed to evaluate the uterine involution process of primiparous Nelore cows through clinical evaluation of the reproductive tract. Forty Nelore cows were used. Evaluation of the genital organs was performed weekly until complete uterine involution, measuring size, symmetry and uterine contractility, and vaginoscopy to determine the shape and degree of opening of the cervix, color and moisture of the cervical and vaginal mucosa, and characteristics of the mucus. Rectal palpation and vaginoscopy were performed once a week, beginning on day 3 after parturition, until complete uterine involution and enabled following the exact course of uterine and cervical involution. This showed that the end of the uterine involution does not occur on a specific day, but at a variable time from 30 to 45 d after parturition. In the primiparous Nelore cows of the present study, with normal parturition conditions, uterine involution occurred at 42 ± 3 d after parturition.


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Frias, Danila Fernanda Rodrigues, Diego Rodrigues Pereira, Hélio Muniz Simon, and Dora Inés Kozusny-Andreani. 2013. “Clinical Evaluation of the Puerperium of Primiparous Nelore Cows”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 21 (4).
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