Agrosystems Tornquist, Argentina. 1. Typification using indexes

  • Alfredo O. Gargano Universidad Nacional del Sur
  • Miguel A. Adúriz Universidad Nacional del Sur
  • Maria C. Saldungaray Universidad Nacional del Sur


This research was intended to characterize and group current production systems and is part of a larger project dealing with the design of improved models. Tornquist, which is located south of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and has an area of ​​418,300 ha with three geomorphologically homogeneous areas, was divided into two sectors, east and west. The methodological steps were: 1) stratification of farms by area and sampling; 2) personal survey of 97 farms (22% of the total), during the 1989-90 cycle; and 3) characterization and grouping of systems by Indices: general {livestock, mixed and agricultural}; livestock production (cattle, mixed and sheep); Beef cattle (breeding, B; breeding and production of light steers, BLS; breeding and production of heavy steers, BHS; and fattening, F} and agricultural (winter crops, mixed crops and summer). The results in percentages of farms dedicated to the different activities Three groups of systems were formed in areas 1 and 2 of the eastern sector and two in area 3, while in the western sector the groups were three and two in areas 1 and 2. The system The predominant production was livestock (71.8%), mixed and agricultural (23.9 and 4.3%), respectively. Beef ranching, 98% of the farms. The subsystem means were: BLS, 51%; F, 32%; BHS, 15%; and B, 2%. Agriculture was more predominant in the east. Wheat (83%) in agricultural areas. Area and summer crops were concentrated in the east. Agriculture was a little more predominant in small farms It is concluded that the methodology used, easy to apply, allowed us to achieve the objectives of this research and q ue characterization studies, even in reduced regions, such as Tornquist, must be carried out in ecologically homogeneous areas.


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Gargano, Alfredo O., Miguel A. Adúriz, and Maria C. Saldungaray. 1993. “Agrosystems Tornquist, Argentina. 1. Typification Using Indexes”. Archivos Latinoamericanos De Producción Animal 1 (1), 39-50.
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