Free choice mineral supplementation for grazing ruminants

  • Lee R. McDowell Department of Animal Science, University of Florida
Keywords: free choice, mineral supplement, grazing livestock


Mineral supplementation is required to correct mineral deficiencies in ruminant diets (McDowell, 1991; 1992). The most efficient method of providing supplemental minerals is through use of mineral supplements that are combined with concéntrate feeds. This assures an adequate intake of mineral elements by each animal as it consumes other nutrients. This procedure represents an ideal system for providing supplemental minerals but it cannot be used with grazing livestock which receive no concentrates and depend almost entirely on forages as their source of nutrients. es as their source of nutrients.


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Lee R. McDowell, Department of Animal Science, University of Florida
Rumiantes - Nutricion mineral
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McDowell, Lee R. 1993. “Free Choice Mineral Supplementation for Grazing Ruminants”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 1 (1), 1-8.
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