FR 01. In vitro fertilization of oocytes colected postmortem from zebu cows

  • Adriana Fernandez Universidad Central de Venezuela, Maracay
  • Pedro Bastidas Universidad Central de Venezuela, Maracay
  • Juan Troconiz Universidad Central de Venezuela, Maracay


Studies were conducted to establish and validate an in vitro fertilization system (IVF) at the Institute of Animal Reproduction and A.I., Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Central University of Venezuela. Oocytes (n=748) were aspirated from different size follicles collected from ovaries of Zebu cows, from the 748 oocytes, 344 had cumulus cells while the remaining (404) were denuded oocytes. The maturation media utilized was TCM-199. A study included the oocyte TCM199 media culture supplemented with 0.8 µg/mL of GnRH (n=360) and a control group (n=388) without GnRH. Frozen semen from bulls of renown fertility was used and capacited with heparin (10µl/mL). There were statistical differences (P<.05) in the fertilization rates of oocytes matured in the GnRH enriched media (75 %) as compared to the control group (64 %). Additionally, there was not a significant effect (P>.05) due to the presence or absence of cumulus cells. Overall these results indicate that the IVF system employed was effective allowing an overall mean of 70 % for fertilization rate across replicates. Result of these studies also indicate that the IVF technique developed and validated utilizing an homologous system allowed for incorporating a laboratory methodology for predicting semen potential fertility of bulls from different breeds.


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Fernandez, Adriana, Pedro Bastidas, and Juan Troconiz. 2005. “FR 01. In Vitro Fertilization of Oocytes Colected Postmortem from Zebu Cows”. Latin American Archives of Animal Production 5 (3).