NR 29. Uses of anabolic agents on the growth of crossbred commercial young bulls as a management strategy in Venezuelan savannas

  • Oneida Moron-Fuenmayor La Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela


In order to evaluate the use of anabolic agents on the growth of young crossbred commercial bulls (average initial weight 177 kg and age 9 mo) as a management strategy in savanna two simultaneous trials were conducted: Trial 1 Hato Santa Luisa; n = 97 duration 377 d; Trial 2 Hato Los Valentones, n = 99 duration 357 d. Three treatments were assigned at random: T1 = control; T2 = Zeranol and T3 = ATB+ 17ß-estradiol. An analysis of variance-covariance was used. The average daily gains between treatments in trial 1 was not significant (P>0.05). In trial 2, T3 gained more (6 %) weight (P<.05) than T1. The anabolic agents have positive effect in the growth of crossbred young bulls during the postweaning phase in savanna.


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Moron-Fuenmayor, Oneida. 2005. “NR 29. Uses of Anabolic Agents on the Growth of Crossbred Commercial Young Bulls As a Management Strategy in Venezuelan Savannas”. Archivos Latinoamericanos De Producción Animal 5 (3).